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Hands - Painful

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PostPosted: Dec Fri 15, 2006 6:55 pm    Post subject: Hands - Painful Reply with quote

Hands - Painful

I have a client who is experiencing pain in his hands, he has been to four different doctors. The circulation in his hands appeared poor so he is doing the Mega Chel chelation therapy, EverFlex and EverFlex Cream. He is getting some relief. I suspect he might also have some nerve damage in his hands. He used to string tennis rackets, which is very hard on the hands and also injured them playing a lot of tennis. He complains of pain on the backs of his hands as well as the palms. It is made worse if he uses them a lot. Does anyone have any suggestions for this young man. He is in his 20's. -Jeannette M.
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How much EverFlex is he taking? (I would consider 3 X 3) Is he using the cream OFTEN? I think I might consider Vari-Gone. Perhaps 3 or 4, 3 X 3. G.
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Try EW Colloidal Minerals and Triple Relief. -S. Mitchell
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I would have him eat a plant based diet (organic!)and do a hand-soak in a basin of warm to hot purified water with Chinese Mineral Chi tonic with a tablespoon of added Nature's Fresh liquid enzymes. While the pores are still open from the hot water, have him massage in EverFlex Cream. Make sure he is drinking lots of chlorophyll water. -Jewel
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He needs to stretch his shoulders, neck and upper body to open up the brachial structures. Increase his flexibility, then proceed to stretch his arms and hands, gently. Suggest massage, Pt and natures fresh sprayed on them. Also Tei Fu lotion rubbed into his wrists and neck area. -Cindy
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Might I suggest an X Ray of the neck to check for a possible bone spur that might be impinging on a nerve that feeds the hand in question. A miss-aligned vertebra can also cause pain and/or numbness in the forearm and hands, too. -Dan
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Q: I was in a car accident in October of 2005, and as a result I have a neck injury.....that has effected my hands.

If during the course of a day I over exert my neck in any way my hands are in so much pain that I can hardly function. And at night when I try to sleep, I wake three, to five times during the night my hands are asleep, and then are on fire....

I cannot lift anything anymore, and I was a power-lifter (lifting 350lbs plus); if I lift immediate shooting pains are sent directly into my arms and neck if I lift anything over 5 lbs......

I have had shots into my wrists to try and alleviate the pain; they did not last the day......plenty of physical therapy as well....

If there is something that the medical people are missing, or should be testing for....please tell me any advice at this point would be helpful -Betty
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I'm a massage therapist, and I've seen many of these kind of problems before. It sounds to me like you need to see a chiropractor. He/she would most definitely be able to address the source of the problem (the neck injury putting pressure on the nerves that run down your arm and hand, thus causing pain in that area). If after you've done the treatment plan given to you, and you are still having discomfort, then I would check back here, and someone else could give you some pointers. -Andrew
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October must have been a bad month. I, also, had a car accident then, (Went 100 feet end over end down an embankment). It took 3 months before I healed enough from necessary surgery and cracked ribs to have treatment -- but as soon as I could, I was taken to my Myopractor (similar to Chiropractor, but skeletal adjustment rather than spine).

I definitely agree with Andrew. THAT is what you need to do. I've had remaining severe pain in my upper arms, shoulders, muscles in upper back, etc. When I started, I couldn't even roll to my side. With each treatment, the pain has been less and less. I can now lay on my side in bed and roll over with minimal pain.

With pain like that, you can count on inflamation being present. I started out with 6 Super Omega 3 EPA (fish oils) and 2 or 3 Hi Lipase to make sure I digest and process the fish oils. I was taking 3 or 4 Triple Relief in the beginning with the Super Omega 3, but found that the new products, Phenytol and IF Relief are much more effective. I now take 5 Super Omega 3 EPA, 2 IF Relief, 3 Phenytol and 3 Hi Lipase, twice daily. This may vary by approximately one, depending on my activity and pain level.

After my adjustments, I take 22 - 25 PLS II (ONE TIME) to prevent muscle spasms that might cause the adjustment not to hold.

With this program -- my improvement has been phenomenal WITHOUT drugs for the last 3 months. I hope this helps you. -G.
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