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Hands - Dry, Chapped & Bleeding

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PostPosted: Dec Fri 15, 2006 6:56 pm    Post subject: Hands - Dry, Chapped & Bleeding Reply with quote

Hands - Dry, Chapped & Bleeding

Why does it happen, and what to do with.. dry, cracked and sometimes bleeding hands? Happens more often during the cooler months. Only the hands are affected in both the father, and 6yr old child. They are very uncomfortable, and sore, not to mention embarrassing. Help, any suggestions? -CJ
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My suggestion is to begin with a good multi vitamin. Super supplement for adult and Chewable Herbasaurs for the child. Then add Beta-Carotene with mixed carotenes. If it was my child I would give him one Beta-Carotene every other day. The adult should have one every day. Use Golden Salve topically. Apply quite heavily to hands at night and wear cotton gloves to bed. -Sandy
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I have seen this happen to people who work with paper. . . . ie, a person that does comb binding for me, in a grocery store that uses paper bags, etc. I wonder if it's a chemical in paper. I don't know if your person comes into contact with paper on a daily basis -- Anyway, these other people were helped using the Pau d'Arco Lotion. It's worth a try. . -Georgiana
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DON'T USE ANTI-BACTERIAL SOAP !!!! Get rid of chemical based soaps. The only safe products to use are pure with no color and no fragrance. So use the Sunshine Concentrate (diluted) and add tea tree or lavender if you want an especially anti-bacterial soap. Anti-bacterial soaps strip the skin of it's protective layer. Yes it's an internal problem. The child can have flax seed oil on a piece of toast or on oatmeal, even popcorn, anything you would put butter on. Aloe vera gel can sometimes dry the skin so I would use the massage lotion, or better yet the Jojoba if the Golden Salve doesn't do it. But I'm betting on the Golden Salve, if they also taken internal supplements - And change soaps !!! Eat butter not margarine is also very important. And please tell them that a child cannot live or grow a healthy brain on a no fat diet (many families do this damage to their children without realizing). -Joanne Crane
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I would increase the oils in their diet. You can have them get their oils from Olive and whole butter. This is an internal dryness. You can have them take Lecithin, Vitamin E, Salmon Oil, and Flax. All except Vitamin E and Salmon Oils are called essential fatty acids. They help keep the skin and body moist. We do have enzymes to break down these acids but we do not make these acids. They need to be consumed. Nuts and seeds are not enough to correct this dryness so add the oils. Topical use of almond oil or even olive oil with help with the healing. -Suzanne
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I would suggest you consider parasites. My late husband was a farmer and at times he suffered bad with this problem. In our early part of our marriage. We did a long hard parasite cleanse which included HVP, Dong Quai, [there I go again Richard] What is now VS-C and HP Fighter. In as large doses and as long as they check for them. These last 2 are more recent additions. -Valerie
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