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Gum Disease

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PostPosted: Dec Fri 15, 2006 7:04 pm    Post subject: Gum Disease Reply with quote

Gum Disease

Have a 47 year old male with bad gum disease. He has ALWAYS taken very good care of his teeth BUT, to no avail. The dentist said there was nothing he could have done to prevent this! He had gum surgery to tighten his teeth several years ago. Then a few years after that, his upper teeth started to abbess and get REAL loose and fall out. He had to have them all pulled and now has upper dentures. The problem is now repeating itself on the bottom teeth. His gums are really receded, and his teeth are very lose. He has began getting abbesses also. Is there ANYTHING we can offer to help this? (maybe reverse it). EO to wash his mouth and if so, how often. If you suggest herbs could you please give me the amount you think he should take and how many times a day. ( I can't muscle test) Thank you very much.... -Cindy
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My memory does not suffice to tell you when and from where I have it firmly placed in my head, but here goes: Open a capsule of Golden Seal, dust toothpaste with Golden Seal when brushing teeth. CoQ10 can also be used in this way. Golden Seal gets rid of infections, and CoQ10 stimulates the healing process.

Would also suggest the following since you cannot muscle test. You can still ask good questions and listen to the answers. Have him do a lifestyle analysis. There is something else besides the symptom of gum disease in this man that is driving this health problem. As herbal specialists we help people make changes in living that conduct to the body healing himself.

He needs to clean his colon to get rid of lots of stuff that may be the basic contributing factor to his problem. Ask questions, if you can't think of what or how to ask, pay attention to the results of the Lifestyle analysis to give you clues. Extra, important, questions not on the analysis include, "Do you, or have you ever had pets or worked with animals?" "Do you now, or have you ever smoked?" "Do your normally take a daily multiple vitamin and mineral supplement?" The answers should help. If he has a rotten immune system, then you know where to go, or if his circulatory system comes out poor, you know how to help, or should. If not come back to the forum and read and ask some more.
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Hi, I have a had a lot of problems with my teeth, and have a upper partial, BUT my teeth are much better now, because of a lot of changes. I changed my diet completely, now eat NO junk, I juice several times a week (carrot), eat a lot of raw (and this is sometimes a pain with a partial, but you can use a blender if that helps), started taking some digestive enzymes. Drink a lot of water, and that is all I drink besides fresh veggie juice. Okay, I also got a Sonic-care toothbrush and a good water pick. I would suggest he try all these things. The NO JUNK thing is one of the best things he can do. Also, go to the OraMedia website, which tells a lot about teeth problems (don't have their address, please do a search). Hope this helps. -Annette Mason
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Q: What's good natural product to use for periodontal disease.......I've heard it may be related to strokes. However, my teenage daughter was diagnosed with a minor problem although dentist mentioned she was youngest patient he had seen! It's hereditary in my family! -Sandra Lee
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Balance the body's pH by using Nature's Sunshine's Coral Calcium. (This is probably the most important thing as far as supplements are concerned. The calcium is also important.) Eat more "crunchy" and raw fruits and vegetables. Hard vegetables stimulate stronger bone growth around the roots of the teeth. Use NSP's toothpaste. It might also help to apply Tea Trea oil directly to the gums and take Co-Q-10 (30 mg a day or more.) Avoid refined foods especially sugar, corn syrups (and like products) and enriched flour products (most bread products.)

I had this problem and it all but disappeared when I switched to a vegan diet (probably because of a more alkaline body pH and due to eating many more fruits and vegetables.) -Duane
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I have also heard of putting a wet tea bag on the absess for extended periods of time.
The tea bag idea is a good one. Put opened caps of Xylito, White Oak Bark and Lobelia in it and pack it around the infected area. Also Myrrh oil topically. -Inge Wetzel ND, CNHP
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