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PostPosted: Dec Fri 15, 2006 7:47 pm    Post subject: GERD Reply with quote


I have several clients that have "GERD" which is also called "acid reflux". They are on medications and want to switch over to some of our natural products. Any suggestions? -Jeannette
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You bet! First of all, Food Enzymes. 2 every time you eat something, and 2 more when you have heartburn, especially at 2am. I also add the Stomach Comfort as needed. It is so much better than OTC heartburn meds. It actually has stuff to make the stomach digest and empty. My husband is a long time sufferer, was on prescription meds for a long time, and these two things work like a charm. I'm wondering if some Gastro Health wouldn't be called for as well. My husband's ulcer was before we knew about NSP so we didn't try that. Good luck! -Mandy
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Gastro Health. -Carma
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Enzymes, enzymes and more enzymes. I have used both Food Enzymes and Proactazyme and have had it stop within one week's time. I have had people get over GERD in one week by just taking enzymes. Of course you will also want to check on their elimination and make sure they are drinking plenty of water. -Mike, ND
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Have them do acupuncture too. -IS
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I had GERD so bad I thought it was a heart attack, My back hurt right through to my chest, I had tests done and found out I had the H.Pylori bacterium. They also did tests to rule out stomach cancer after I took the treatment for the H.pylori. The treatment consisted of 2 different antibiotics at the same time for 10 days which was uncomfortable but not as much as the GERD. With the H. Pylori gone I now had to get rid of the pain, and heal the esophagus, and get the good bacteria back , So on the advice of a friend I turned to NSP, Marshmallow root brought immediate relief, It seemed to heal the mucus membranes in a very raw throat ,then Aloe Vera to help heal, but I realized I needed to get rid of this acid. I happened to try the Tiao He Cleanse about then and whet on it I noticed the acid had gone, I realized it was the LIV-C that helped so I stayed on it. Along with the Aloe juice, Marshmallow, A/B (good bacteria) and something to keep the colon clean like Psyllium or LOCLO. I was better but found it would flare up if I was stressed out. It was recommended I take STR-C, that really helped calm my stomach nerves. I also used a lot of Tums because we can't get Stomach Comfort here in Canada, but I'm glad to say I hardly ever need them now. Of course I also keep up needed supplements like cal/mag/D and Vitamin/ Min. I also cut out all red meat, and at first only ate what did not bother my stomach, adding more grains I cooked myself, like barley, 12 grain cereal and brown rice. I still stay away from red meat and take something to calm the stomach nerves, but I have no pain and can sleep through the night again thanks to NSP.
P.S. another friend that had this said he took the same but also used Licorice, (but there is a little licorice in Chinese Liver Balance. Lately I have been using Red Clover with good results, it seems to neutralize the acid . -Carolyn
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Stomach Comfort will help greatly for temporary relief and will also start healing. -Ann Nelson
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