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Food Enzymes vs Proactazyme

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PostPosted: Dec Fri 15, 2006 9:05 pm    Post subject: Food Enzymes vs Proactazyme Reply with quote

Food Enzymes vs Proactazyme

I have a friend who has recovered from gall bladder surgery and is having problems digesting some foods. Her doctor has recommended Food Enzymes. My question is: Should she us Proactazyme or Food Enzymes? -Becky Williams
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Proactazyme is a plant source full spectrum (except for dairy) enzyme combination. Protease Plus and High Potency Protease are the ones specifically for proteins.

Proactazyme, being plant source, is meant to replace the enzymes that should be in our food, but is usually not due to processing and cooking and such.

The Food Enzymes also has bile salts, pepsin, etc., and is meant to replace what should be manufactured in our bodies. (As we grow older we lose the ability to produce these digestive fluids ourselves, so they put us on purple pills to stop digestion in its' tracks. Huh?) After gall bladder surgery I would go with the Food Enzymes. -George Denison
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Hi everyone, These two products seem like they would be excellent for everyone. However, I don't know the difference in the two or how and why they should be used. Each time I ask, I get a different answer.

Could someone please explain these products, how they help us and how they are best used.... Also, with meal/in-between meals..I want to refer these products to others once I understand. Of course, I want to get the most from them too.

Thank you very much for clearing my (and others) confusion. Diana
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It is my understanding that Proactazyme does not contain hydrochloric acid as does Food Enzymes. Proactazyme is helpful in digesting all food types except dairy. Unlike Food Enzymes it is in a base of digestive supporting herbs. According to a list of products containing pork derivatives that I was grateful to receive from NSP, Food Enzymes come from animal sources, and is listed as containing Pork ingredients, Simply stated: Food Enzymes come from swine. If your client is a vegetarian, Seventh Day Adventist, Muslim or Jew you have an ethic duty to disclose this fact to them. -Jewel
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Dear Diana, You may appreciate the NSP brochure called Enzymes: The Keys to Life. It is a handy brochure that explains the differences between and purposes for our different digestive aids.

In the brochure Proactazyme Plus is listed as an excellent choice for vegetarians or those on a high starch or sugar free diet. This is because the enzymes included in this formula are plant based.

The Food Enzymes have a variety of enzymes and are suggested for those on the typical American diet. Food Enzymes contain bromelain, lipase, amylase, pancreatin, papain and pepsin along with a little hydrochloric acid and bile salts which come from animal sources. It was suggested recently at the Untold Truth Seminar in Orlando that Food Enzymes are a good choice for clients with blood type A since they usually are HCL deficient.

I usually take all my herbs about fifteen minutes before meals with a large glass of water. This allows the capsules to dissolve and the water to exit the stomach without diluting the digestive juices. If you have been to an NSP classes, you will have learned that it is best not to drink liquids with your meals for this reason. When I follow the above, the herbs digest along with my food. I find that this prevents me from becoming bloated. I and some of my clients have experienced bloating when taking herbs after meals. The only exception I make is when taking PDA or sometimes Food Enzymes. You see enzymes begin to do the work at the beginning of the digestive process and normally HCL is not excreted until later in the digestive process. If you were to take HCL on an empty stomach, it could prevent the enzymes from doing their job and could cause some irritation.

Over the years I have heard in various classes that when we are as young as thirty we begin to have decreased ability to digest because of lack of HCL and enzymes as we age. Some of the published material is now saying the age to consider supplementation is fifty, but I think they are being way too conservative. In my opinion, almost everyone could benefit from some type of digestive aid when they are over thirty. Some type of enzyme supplementation is usually the foundation of any program I recommend.

Don't worry if you are a little confused by all the choices. Different enzymes help to digest different nutrients. It is so complicated that two separate weekend classes are taught about enzymes by the Certified Natural Health Professionals. The Book, Enzymes, The Key to Health by Howard F. Loomis Jr., D.C., and F.I.A.C.A. is a great resource that you may want to purchase if you would like to study enzymes in depth. If you can't afford it, have your librarian help you to do an interlibrary loan.

Also there are still some managers who have access to the Leadership Development Program and will be teaching until supplies run out. You may want to investigate participating in this great program formerly taught by NSP and now being finished up by NSP managers. You will become an Herb Specialist if you finish the course.

Just a note: When I began learning about natural health, my body was in such bad shape that all my systems were weak. I learned from Steven Horne that when all systems are weak, it is critical to begin with digestion and elimination and then support the other weak systems as needed. I began with PDA because I was still eating a typical diet with meat often. Over the years, I have changed my diet and now prefer the Proactazyme Plus or Food Enzymes. I happen to take the Food Enzymes now because I am participating in the 90 Day Challenge. They are working fine for me. I hope this answers some of your questions. Regards, -Sybil Vazquez
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