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PostPosted: Dec Fri 15, 2006 9:21 pm    Post subject: Fluoride Reply with quote


I have two boys, 6 and 4 years old. Their dentist recently prescribed a fluoride supplement but I did not want to give it to them believing it is a toxin. I read that Green Tea has a natural form of fluorine, and wondered if there is any documentation on it. Also if it does, how much is a safe dosage for younger children? -Kelsie
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There is an excellent book that you can probably find in your public library called "The Green Tea Book." It goes over all the benefits of green tea with scientific references, and even includes a section on the teeth. Green Tea naturally contains a small amount of fluoride.

For this use, especially for children, I would think it would be best to use the brewed tea as a mouthwash - spitting it out after rinsing the mouth rather than swallowing it. (You don't want the kids to consume caffeine.) The tea also kills the bacteria in the mouth that is associated with caries and plaque.

I would never give my kids a fluoride supplement from a dentist, nor even use a fluoride toothpaste. (We use NSP's Sunshine Brite which contains no fluoride.) With a healthy diet consisting of plenty of fruits and vegetables, and Colloidal Minerals (since kids don't always eat a healthy diet), they will get all the fluoride they need.

Today's dental treatments are geared toward the typical American child, who consumes a very high-calorie yet nutrient-poor diet consisting of a large amount of sugar, refined carbohydrates and soft drinks and very few if any fruits and vegetables. Hopefully you are doing better than that with your child. So throw away the dentist's supplements.

If you want to supplement the child's diet with additional fluoride to that in Colloidal Minerals, give them one capsule of NSP's Green Tea supplement a day, which contains no caffeine. Of course, keeping them away from soft drinks and sugar is also very helpful for more reasons than one. It is the acid condition in the mouth, caused by sugar and soft drinks, that is mostly responsible for dental caries. -Duane
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You don't need any kind of fluoride. In fact, lately, it's been proven that fluoride doesn't even strengthen teeth.

You might want to use the NSP Sunshine Bright Toothpaste with Black Walnut added. -Georgiana
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Green tea is high in fluorine and so is Black Walnut. Even with a healthy diet they can get cavities if the enamel becomes compromised. The holistic dentist that I work with said that he sees a lot of cavities in heavy fruit eaters as much as he does from sugar. Try the Sunshine Brite toothpaste and add a bit of Black Walnut and White Oak bark to it. My daughter doesn't like the taste much so we also add a drop of Peppermint Oil in addition to each brushing. Fluoride is a chemical toxin and can really cause a hormone imbalance especially in boys. -Kimberly Balas
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Q: How do you reverse the effects of Fluoride? And how do you remove Fluoride from your system? -Pamela Hill
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Rebuild with Mineral Chi Tonic and enzymes. Cleanse with Heavy Metal Detox.
It would also help to support colon and lymph as well. Try Bowel Detox and Lymph Drainage - -Kimberly Balas

Additional information on fluoride
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