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Cleanse - CLZ (Modified)

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PostPosted: Dec Sat 16, 2006 2:09 pm    Post subject: Cleanse - CLZ (Modified) Reply with quote

Cleanse - CLZ (Modified)

The CLZ Cleanse is a seven to ten day cleanse designed to pull toxins from the tissues while cleaning the bowel. It is a very efficient way to detoxify the body quickly and should be undertaken any time you have a serious illness or if the herbs do not seem to be working as effectively as they should, that frequent infections occur, or when fatigue and/or bowel problems (gas, constipation, bad breath, headaches, acne) are occurring.
You will not take any food while on the cleanse except for unsweetened fruit or vegetable juices (freshly pressed is best, bottled or frozen second best) and a Special Lemonade. You may take any additional herbal products that you feel are absolutely necessary for you to maintain your health.
Consider trying this cleanse. You will be amazed at the toxic material that comes out of you and how much younger it makes you feel!

Bentonite is a ground-up volcanic ash found deep in the bowels of the earth. It is insoluble in water, but swells 12 times when added to water. The molecules have two broad surfaces that have a negative electrical attraction, while the edges are positive. Hence, bentonite can absorb or pick up many times it's own weight of positively charged ions. To put is simply, bentonite is like a magnetic sponge that removes toxins. It's action is entirely physical and not chemical. It helps to painlessly remove bacteria, parasites, and toxins from the entire intestinal tract. Since bentonite has such strong absorptive qualities, it could render unavailable some nutrients from the bowel, so replacement is necessary.

Chlorophyll, long called Nature's green magic, has surely lived up to it's reputation! When taken orally in a liquid form, it moves unchanged until it reaches the small intestine. Once within the cells of the bowel tissue, it acts primarily as an oxidant in the process of tissue production. In simple words, it helps the body in rebuilding destroyed bowel tissue. Chlorophyll also assists the bowel in it's elimination of mucous, by reducing the acid which produces putrification. It is a deodorant of the bowel wall, thus becoming a natural antiseptic to the intestinal tract. Bacteria find it difficult to live in the presence of chlorophyll, and therefore, is devastating to germs in the colon. Chlorophyll is a natural blood builder and has the same building effect.

Psyllium Hulls Combination
Most of us know the importance of psyllium as a bulking agent; however, there is a difference between the seed and the hull. Psyllium seed is wonderful for healing bowel tissue, but it is the hull that gives us the mucilaginous, cleansing action that is so important. NSP Psyllium Hulls Combination contains 100% hulls and no seed. We have a truly unique product! Some companies mix their psyllium with the synthetic chemical, magnesium trisilicate. Ours is mixed with licorice and hibiscus, both of which react synergistically with psyllium. If you have been using any other brand (including Metamucil), try this little experiment: Take 2 glasses of water. Put a T. of each brand in a separate glass and stir. Notice how easily ours dissolves and how much it swells, upon standing, in comparison to the competitive brands.

Red Beet Root Formula
Fasting Plus is an important part of this cleanse because it helps to stabilize the adrenal glands and heart, keeping you blood sugar up while on the cleanse. When taking this combination, you should experience a little, if any, problems with headaches, light-handedness, and similar problems often experienced while fasting without this support.
Beet powder is included to aid in the cleansing of the liver and gallbladder. Fennel helps to prevent gas, bloating, and cramping that sometimes accompanies cleansing. It is also a good appetite suppressant. Take as much of this as you need to control your blood sugar and appetite.

Coffee Enemas or Colemas
Coffee is very toxic to the liver, the chemical detoxifier of the body. Thus when it is absorbed through the bowel walls, coffee causes a violent reaction in the liver, causing it to "dump", or cleanse. Use only regular grind, caffeinated coffee for this cleanse. Organic if possible, because coffee is a heavily pesticided crop.

You'll Need These Items
1. An empty quart jar with screw top or a shaker
2. Unsweetened juice of your choice
3. An enema bag or Colema Board**
4. Ground coffee (not decaffeinated) or Pau D''Arco Tea if adrenal glands are particularly stressed.
5. 2 bottles of Hydrated Bentonite
6. 12 oz. Psyllium Hulls Combination
7. 1 bottle of Chlorophyll pearls
8. 1 bottle Fasting Plus
9. 1 bottle Vitamin C Ascorbates
10. 1 bottle of Colloidal Minerals or Chinese Mineral Chi
11. 1 bottle of CA ATC Concentrate
12. 1 bottle Cascara Sagrada or other bowel stimulant
13. 1 bottle of Milk Free Acidophilus, Flora Force or Bifidophilus Flora Force
14. Items for Special Lemonade: Pure Maple Syrup, Pau D'Arco Tea Lemon Juice (fresh or frozen), Capsicum

**Colema Boards are available for purchase from Colema Boards, Inc., P.O. Box 229, Anderson, CA 96007, (800) 544-8147.
**Directions for making your own are given in the book "Tissue Cleansing Through Bowel Management" by Dr. Bernard Jensen.

5 times per day, every 3 hours, do the following:
1. Pour 4-8 oz. purified water into shaker jar
2. Add 1 t. Vitamin C Absorbate
3. Add 1-2 heaping t. Psyllium Hulls
4. Shake well for 10-15 seconds and drink immediately
5. Pour 4 oz. juice in glass-add 2 T. Bentonite and 1 Tablespoon Colloidal Minerals or Chinese Mineral Chi
6. Follow with 8 oz. Special Lemonade made with: 8 oz. pure water or Pau D'Arco Tea, 2 t. pure maple syrup (opt.), 2 t. lemon juice, fresh or frozen, Sprinkling of Capsicum. (if you have candida problems, please use the tea)
5 times per day, 1 1/2 hrs. after the above take:
1. 1 CA Concentrate
2. 2 or more Fasting Plus (more if you are headachy or too hungry)
3. 2-4 Acidophilus -- enough to keep gas down
4. 1 or more bowel herb capsules -- Adjust the amount of bowel combination to have several bowel movements a day even though you are taking enemas or colemas. This is critical!
5. 1 Chlorophyll pearl
If you are hungry throughout the day, take a glass of juice, or herb tea and more Fasting Plus. Any other herbs or vitamins that you like to take may be taken while on this cleanse but are not necessary.
Continue with any prescription drugs that you normally take.

Enemas or Colemas
It is of the utmost importance that you take a daily enema or colema while on this cleanse. If you are not willing to do this, do not attempt the cleanse. Prepare coffee by boiling for 5 min. and steeping for 15 min. 3. rounded t. of regular grind coffee in 1 qt. water. Strain.
Mix 4 drops each of Rosemary, Lemon, and Peppermint Essential Oils in 1 tablespoon of Massage Oil. Massage on the abdomen from the right to the left side while taking an enema, colema, or colonic to get the best possible release.
HIGH ENEMA: Use plain water for 5-6 qts., taking bag after bag of water until evacuated material comes out dark and then clears. Finish with the coffee, trying to retain it for 15 min. while you lie on your side.
COLEMA: Fill 5-gal. bucket with body temperature tap water. Massage colon as administering. Finish by taking 15-min. retention coffee or Pau D''Arco enema to stimulate the liver.

Pure Water
It is essential that you use pure water for drinking on this cleanse. If you do not own a Reverse Osmosis purifier, please consider purchasing the Nature''s Spring counter top unit so that you will have pure water in the future as well as while on the cleanse. Any other type of water, including bottled, may not be pure because the government only requires bottled water to be as pure as tap water.

Essential Oils
For additional detoxification, use Wild Oregano, Tea Tree, Eucalyptus, Lemon or Pine in a diffuser or mixed with Massage Oil.

If you experience headaches, nausea, dizziness, shaking, vomiting, diarrhea, or weakness, that is a sign of toxicity. Remember, you have spent years accumulating toxins in your body through environmental pollutants and food intake. Rest as much as possible and DO NOT quit (after all, you might have to go through this again if you don't get it out now!) As drugs, chemicals, parasites, mucous and other toxic material loosens and dumps into the eliminative tract, these symptoms may result.

After Seven to Ten Days
You will become VERY hungry the day you should end the fast. Do not end it until you experience this extreme hunger.

You should be VERY proud of yourself! Please see sheet entitled, A Cleansing Fast for Detoxification & Health, for instructions on breaking the fast properly so that you can get full benefit. Notice that you don't crave junk foods anymore. Don't introduce them back into your diet and you will not crave them!

Most individuals will want to repeat the cleanse every 12 months. Those with chronic or critical health problems should repeat every 3-6 months. Try it 1 day a week, each and every week, for good maintenance and weight control.
To continue the good results you have started, use the Basic Intestinal Cleanse on a daily basis.

This information provided by your Herb Specialist:
(Put your name & pertinent info here)
-Georgiana Duncan
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