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Cleanse - Child

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PostPosted: Dec Sat 16, 2006 2:10 pm    Post subject: Cleanse - Child Reply with quote

Cleanse - Child

Could you use Slippery Elm for elimination and black walnut for parasite release for a 4 year old or is LB extract w/ Black Walnut best? Does anyone have a program designed for children ? I would be interested. Mine has been complaining about her bottom itching. -Jackie Barham
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Insert a Hi-Potency Garlic tablet up in the rectum before bedtime; repeat two weeks later - really works on pinworms! Yes, I would also do the slippery elm and black walnut extract; pay close attention to keeping hands and nails clean if she has been itching her bottom and then eating, as she can easily re-infect herself, or infect others. -Sharon Grimes
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I've worked with a lot of childhood asthma, since I have 2 severe asthmatics and a couple of mild asthmatics for kids...go figure how the herbalists' kids are the sickies :) Rather than doing a full-blown adult type cleanse you can achieve much simply by cutting out milk, cheese, yogurt, cottage cheese, and by getting them to eat more lightly cooked (steamed?) veggies. Even these minor changes can a) reduce mucous and acid levels; b) reduce frequency and severity of asthma attacks; c) open up the bowels to allow the body to cleanse more on its own. As for favorite combo, which I make from components I buy where ever I can... equal parts yerba santa extract, mullein extract, lobelia extract, licorice extract. I especially use this when we are flirting with or in the throws of an asthma attack, although it can also be used somewhat preventively. -Judith Cobb
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Cleanse - Children's 1 Month
This is a program from my manager Medina Nance. A colon cleanse for children.
Children's 1 month cleanse

-LB Extract (1/4 tspn) in 100% fruit juice
-Slippery Elm (1 cap) Open capsule, mix in cereal, hot or cold
-Aloe Vera (1/2 tspn) in !00% fruit juice
-Liq Chlorophyll (1/4-1/2 tspn) in fruit juice.
(Take all 3, mix in juice and take morning and evening on a empty stomach, daily) -Marguerite Wright
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This is a good cleanse for children with the exception that I wouldn't use LB extract on a child unless they were severely constipated. I would use something mild like a blood purifier, vitamin C, or prune juice. -Steven Horne
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Q: I would like some ideas on what you all do for children with constipation problems. Mom wants to do "something like" Clean Start on her kids (weights 35lb-65lb). What would be the best NSP cleansing program for children? (Aside from the obvious diet changes!) Thanks in advance for all your expert opinions. -Dori Cranmore
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-Hi Dori, I believe "CleanStart" would be much too harsh. I use slippery elm for my 6 and 9 year olds. -Claudene
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I would do this: Chlorophyll liquid LB Extract- this would be the strongest. Prune or prune juice, fruit more water.

I would NOT use the CleanStart - We only recommend this once people are going at least once a day - otherwise we find it just constipates people. It is a little strong for kids anyway. -Kasara D'Elene
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LB extract is great for kids with constipation. There are also good old prunes. -John
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I sure wouldn't give kids CleanStart. It can cause real cramping. I'd use LB Extract. It's very good for children and helps a lot with constipation. -Annie
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I always fixed pop corn or fed them puffed wheat! With juice--apple and prune together--results were great! They are adults now. LB Extract would also be great.

The best thing for children and constipation, if it is common, is books in the bathroom. Yep, spending more time there helps a lot. We had books and a big pitcher of filtered water in the bathroom with pretty colored paper cups. Major help. Some kids just won't sit down and get the job done.

We live in a fast paced world, children and adults alike need to take breaks. Make the bathroom smell good with Larisa Jones Disinfectant Counter Top spray! Make it a place to take time out and read, or simple toys that can be played while otherwise occupied. A constipated child makes an agitated adult live in the house with them! -Marilyn Navarro
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I have used a quick squirt of Black Walnut tincture at the back of their throat if raisins didn't work. Now my children are almost 9 and 10 and they know the importance of going and are conscious of this. I taught each of them to swallow capsules early on (5) so this helps too. -Laura Lewars
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For constipation I used pumpkin seeds. My grandson loves them and it worked every time. -Gale
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Cleanse for Children

The best things to cleanse a child's colon are to:
1. Make sure they are eating fiber foods like whole grains, legumes, fruits and vegetables.
2. Make sure they are drinking enough water.
3. A little prune juice, freshly made raw apple juice or other fresh juices, will usually be enough to get a child's colon working properly.
4. Sometimes they need a little magnesium if their bowel is spastic.
5. A mild blood purifier such as Digestive Bitters, Red Clover Blend or Oregon grape will sometimes help stimulate bile flow from the liver and improve elimination.
6. Bifidophilus
7. Sometimes a chiropractic adjustment will help.

I see absolutely no reason to put children that young on any kind of adult cleanse. I would avoid stimulant laxatives with children except for occasional constipation where they are actually sick and you need to get the colon moving to bring down a fever or help them get better. As for fiber products, slippery elm is fine for kids if you can find a way to get them to take it, but psyllium hulls and other fiber blends are just too much for young colons.

Cleansing is not the answer to everything. The only time I did anything to cleanse my kid's colons was when they were sick. The rest of the time focus on creating good health habits. -Steven H. Horne
- - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Thanks...I guess that's kind of what my question was. Should I give them something to clean their colon? You answered that for me. They are very regular and we are developing healthy eating habits so I guess they are! Thanks again! -Veronica Scurry
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Try making a smoothie with GreenZone and ground flax seed as well as wheat germ. -Donna
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Q: What would be a good way to help a child to a body cleanse. Aside from adding fiber to the diet (which is a task in itself), what products would anyone recommend. Any recommendations of how to get a 5 or 6 year old to take a fiber supplement? Thanks in advance.
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For a child that young, I would suggest doing most of what you do with diet. The proper amount of vegetables and fruit per day good balanced meals. No fast foods, no non-organic meat and dairy and no sweets or pop. You can add Psyllium to their diet easily -- mix bulk psyllium with water and let it gel up. Take a spoonful of the gel and mix it in with applesauce. You could also mix some in with organic steel cut oats. Cook the oats and mix in a spoonful of your psyllium gel.

My grandkids LOVE sunflower seeds for a snack. (My daughter and I both order them from a health food coop we order from). Also Costco has sliced, organic apples. They are treated with ascorbic acid -- which can't be all bad. Great snack, good for bowels too. In the summer, try seeded watermelon. Does a great job of cleaning the kids out.
Hope this gives you somewhere to start. . . . -Georgiana
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Q: I could use some suggestions on cleansing kids all ages. I often come across kids usually early teens and older who are as bogged down as many adults. I am reluctant to put them on cleanses for fear that they are too strong this also goes for dosages in general. Thank you. -tajh'
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Small children usually do better with something such as LB Extract to help keep their colon clean. The dosage for children is on the bottle. Teenagers, if in fairly good health, can do the Tiao he Cleanse at full adult strength. Their diets are usually so poor that a cleanse is very helpful. Children too can often do well on LB-Extract as this is very mild. Use half the dosage recommended for adults. -Gail Pfaff
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