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Chron's Disease

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PostPosted: Dec Sat 16, 2006 2:13 pm    Post subject: Chron's Disease Reply with quote

Chron's Disease

What products can you recommend for this ailment and give any success comments please. Thank you. -Gerald Hartman
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Understanding what this disease is will help one understand what course of treatment is necessary for the body to cleanse and heal itself. Chron's disease is an auto immune disease where the entire body, especially the intestinal tract, becomes so severely toxic from many years of toxic build up, caused by medications, poor eating habits, improper eliminations, etc. The bodies tissue has become so toxic that the immune system will attack the actual tissue of the body thinking it is a foreign organism or pathogen. Also there is a great likelihood of a parasitic infection. This further weakens the immune system. Colonics would be very beneficial. Need to cleanse body and detox the tissues of intestinal tract. Juice fast is recommended such as wheat grass, carrot, celery, beet, etc. Lots of pure water every day. Keep body and colon hydrated. Would avoid meat of any kind during this healing crisis. Body already has too much waste and toxic build up to deal with. Doesn't need more work on digestion. So body can break down and assimilate the foods and nutrition it is getting use PDA or Food Enzymes with each meal. Would suggest muscle testing in this case. Definitely need to know what cleansing formulas will work best for person. Without muscle testing would suggest UC-J, Intestinal Soothe and Build formula along with LBS-II or Special Formula. Need to get the body to release toxins and waste. Build up even if person is having diarrhea. Still need to cleanse solid waste is blocking elimination channel somewhere and allowing only liquids through. Lower bowel cleansing is still safe even with diarrhea provided you keep the body hydrated well. Put the fluids back in. Parasite formula, Artemisia, or possibly Black Walnut. Inflammation, Yucca, UC-J, Slippery Elm removing waste toxins, LBS-II, anti viral fungal Una de Gato, VS-C, Pau d'Arco, Garlic. Hard to name a specific program for this individual. Have to understand that every person is different therefor the treatment program needed for his/her body to heal itself will always vary, but I believe if you look more in these areas that I have suggested here you will have some luck. Still would suggest muscle testing. Good luck to you. May you find relief with any or all of this info. Must understand that it takes the body longer to rebuild its health vs avoiding illness by prevention. Give the body time to work its wonders. -Stacey Brown
- - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Yes, there are many NSP formulas that work fantastic to help with any type of colon problem. First off, take a look at their diet, and have them avoid all "acid" foods....such as tomatoes, sugars, citrus fruits, etc. Their body needs alkalinity. Best thing I can suggest to you is to start out with Whole Leaf Aloe Vera Juice, Liquid Chlorophyll, Intestinal Soothe & Build, Una de Gato and Stress-J. This typical program I have recently used on a customer with Crohn's Disease. Her dosages of course would vary from your customer, but to begin with, I believe she started with 4 TBS Aloe Vera Juice per day, 6-7 TBS Liquid Chlorophyll, 2-4 Intestinal Soothe & Build, 2-4 Una de Gato, 4 Spirulina, and 3 Stress-J.

I did muscle test her for what amount her body required for the body to start balancing its systems, so if you have the means, please do so for your person. Because even though these amounts worked perfectly for my friend, your person will probably test differently. But even if muscle testing isn't an option for you, these herbs listed can be safely used to see incredible results for this type of system imbalance.

My friend used this particular program and dosages for a month, then we retested, and her dosages dramatically decreased, though she is still seeing improvement every day.

Encourage your person to give this program and HONEST try. Diet and nutritional therapies DO MOST DEFINITELY improve the lives of people with any type of ailment, including what some people call Crohn's. Good luck to you. -Stacey L. Brown
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Don't forget the anti-parasite herbs. Try Gastro Health and Artemisia Combination. -Chottsie
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I suggest the combination of two products and they work every time. They are Fat Grabbers and Whole Leaf Aloe Concentrate. -Richard Ask
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