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Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

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PostPosted: Dec Sat 16, 2006 2:14 pm    Post subject: Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Reply with quote

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

I have been told to take antioxidants and they should help my CFS. I take Vitamin E 100IU, Vitamin C 100 mgm, Super Supplemental without Iron, and Skeletal Strength. I don't really seem to feel much better. Should I increase any of these or do you have other suggestions as to what I should also be taking?? Thank you. -Betsy
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CFS, once more by many holistic practitioners is believed to be caused by either a virus and or overgrowth of yeast as well as a potential problem with food allergies.

I would highly suggest you get someone to muscle test you on yeast, and foods like wheat, corn, eggs, milk, oats. Meanwhile, you find someone to help you, start eliminating many of these things in your diet and replacing them with Rice products (rice milk, rice cereals...etc) and spelt(easier to digest grain) products. And see how you feel within 15 days.

Also, stay away from beef and pork for those 15 days.

The liver and small intestine (check for leaky gut) should be checked.

Anti-viral (like VS-C or Colloidal Silver, Olive Leaf) and anti-fungal products (like yeast/fungal detox, or para-cleanse) should be checked against you to see how the body responds.

If you don't know of anyone that can do an extensive muscle testing on you, call Nature's Sunshine to see who they have that lives near you. Best wishes. -Lourdes Martinez
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Adrenal Support and Black Walnut. -S. Mitchell
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Please Check Thyroid and Adrenal glands. Try adding more Vitamin C to your Super Supplemental. e.g. 2000-5000 mg/day of the Vitamin C. The Super supplemental should be giving you the needed B-Vitamins for your adrenals, however you usually will need much more Vitamin C if adrenal fatigue is indeed the problem. An easy way to check for possible low thyroid is to take a mercury thermometer and shake it down, placing it in an empty cup by your bed. When you wake up in the morning, reach for the thermometer without sitting up, and place it under your arm for 5-7 minutes, still lying down. Take the reading. Do this for 3-5 days each of the mornings. If the reading is on average 97.6 degrees F or below, there is a possibility of low thyroid. This is not a diagnosis, however can be very helpful. I have adrenal fatigue and low thyroid myself, and have tested positive before for the epstein barr virus. A sign of adrenal fatigue could be fatigue during the day and insomnia at night and your pupils may pulsate. Also, you may want to check your blood sugar levels which could be causing the fatigue you are experiencing. Many times, low blood sugar "goes along" with adrenal fatigue. Hope this helps you. Please keep us all posted on your road to good health! -Gina
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Have you been through a body cleanse and parasite cleanse? -Kathy
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Q: I am looking for help on Ebstein Barr (Chronic Fatigue) This person was diagnosed with this disease many years ago. Recently, she has started experiencing shortness of breath. It is constant and she feels as though she is suffocating. Would essential oils be a good way to treat? -Lori Coleman
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In the past I have had Epstein Barr. I took VS-C, Pau D'Arco, and for the bacteria started with Echinacea, then to Olive Leaf then to Wild Oregano. I continue to go back to these three because the EB lives in the spleen. Under stress it will pop back up. I also use Fenugreek/Thyme and Mullein. This may help the tightness of the chest. Yerba Santa worked real well when I could get it. Check her on allergies and don't forget the digestive allergies. I use ALJ for digestion allergies and Four, Stress Relief, Herbal Trace Minerals, and Sinus Support when needed. For me I try to do a good 10 day fast and cleanse each year and have started using Susie Burks cleanse once a month to keep me up and running. Hope this helps. -Helen Red
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Hi Lori, I suffer with Epstein Barr. I went through a severe flare up for three months and the only thing I found that helped and brought me back to "normal" is Cordyceps! I helped everything from brain fog, fatigue, breathing, etc. -Valerie
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