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Cat - Feline Leukemia

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PostPosted: Dec Sat 16, 2006 4:39 pm    Post subject: Cat - Feline Leukemia Reply with quote

Cat - Feline Leukemia

My cat is + for feline leukemia and has inflamed lungs. Vet says we must put the cat on cortisone and that's all that has enabled her to breath. PLEASE, any suggestions for herbs that have same benefits as cortisone which is okay for cats? (Antibiotics have been used, amoxicillin and Baytril. Baytril can only be used for 10 days without causing blindness.) Waiting for blood work to see where we are, but it is critical now that I find something natural. Thank you. -Sandi
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I have found that the Ayurvedic Bronchial Formula bronchial formula is very helpful to the lungs. My dog had bronchitis and after 10 days of use he cleared up. first the vet required him to be on antibiotics (Amoxicillin) and this worked but when the protocol was finished he started hacking again. I have been using this formula on many people who have lung problems like coughing and not producing phylem. and it works. I have a friend that was on inhalers and he now no longer needs them as much. This is a wonderful formula that I make sure I never run out of in the store. The dose for a cat would be one half capsule/2 times a day. You can mix it in wet food, tuna or mix it with tuna juice and dribble it in her mouth with a syringe with out needle. I would also add 1/2 capsule of the E-Tea formula by NSP 2 times a day to keep her immune system up. Cats do not get sick from Leukemia. They become immune suppressed and are open to infections. -Suzanne
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That's not true. Blindness in cats from Baytril is rare, only occurring in about 1/123,000 cases. It appears to be dose related not duration. I would be concerned however that your cat may not even need an antibiotic in the first place. I wonder if your cat responds to cortisone if your cat doesn't have asthma which is the most common cause of coughing in cats. Heart worms as well will temporarily respond to cortisone. In any case, there should not be a serious problem continuing the cortisone if it's helping. Which would be worse, to continually have trouble breathing, or to be worried about a side effect that may never occur? -Warren
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We had a local vet who used our Pau D'Arco Extract for feline Leukemia. He has since moved away so I can't call and ask him specifics. -Georgiana
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Q: Need information on any success stories with herbs having affects on feline leukemia. One of our cats, who was vaccinated last year (only 1 of 2 needed...I don't think they told me that) but not tested, has tested positive today after becoming ill with lung problem. We have 5 cats! Vet can't say if this is the "contagious kind" or not. All cats but one have been strays or shelter cats, only one goes outside. All must be tested next week.

Also, if a cat has had a vaccination, wouldn't you think the test would register positive?

Any help is appreciated. We have to retest in 3 weeks if she survives. Tried Colloidal Silver for the lung problem, and it didn't have any noticeable affect. Thank you for whatever you can offer. -Sandi
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I cannot believe a Leukemia was given with out a test first. What happens is now the cat immune system will respond by making antibodies for Leukemia. If the cat was already a carrier, now this can really be a problem. Her already taxed immune system is really having a hard time.

Keep her away from the other cats. Isolate her if possible. Burdock and Red Clover is easy on cats. I would start this as say a rate of one capsule am and one of each pm. Keep her stress down and feed canned high protein food. If she has a fever do not use astragalus. If her temp is normal 101-102.5 rectally than she can tolerate one capsule a day, divided into two portions. Cut back if she starts vomiting as dehydration can also be a problem for these cats.
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Has anyone had any success in treating feline leukemia with herbs? I have a very sick cat on my hands and have tried olive, transfer factor plus, omegas, vitamin c, samento, etc. She stopped eating 8 weeks ago and have been force feeding her with an eyedropper of raw liver, chicken and some beef mixed with herbs and vitamins.

She has had a constant high fever (over 105) and is too weak to eat on her own. Feline leukemia is similar to human aids. There is a cure called baypanum from Bayer in Germany but the USA won't allow its sale in this country and I can't afford to go to Germany.

I am running out of time and any suggestions would be welcome. Thanks. -Rob
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I understood from my vet that Kitty Aids and Feline Leukemia are two different diseases. I had a kitty that was a carrier for Kitty Aids and finally surcame. His liver failed big time.

Another vet out here years ago used to buy NSP Pau D'Arco Extract to use for Feline Leukemia. He swore by it.. Then I had a distributor in the next town up the freeway that used it for his little dog for Leukemia. I would sure pump it in big time + enemas of Liquid Chlorophyll and Slippery Elm for nourishment. -Georgiana
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Feline - Failure
I wonder if anyone can give suggestions for Harley the Cat. He went to the emergency room Friday and was kept through the weekend. All of a sudden he had begun struggling to breathe. He kept his mouth open as if he were trying to get all the air he could in his lungs. He could not walk very well -Injoy
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Ruth Burton, author of Herbs For All Creatures and NSP manager, has used and recommends LH for cats with lung problems, along with Tei Fu Oil in a vaporizer near where the cat sleeps. For parasites, she uses Herbal Pumpkin, Pau d'Arco, and Garlic. -Laura Clement
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Q: Does anyone have any programs they have successfully used for their cats who test positive for feline leukemia? Thank you. -Deborah Fischer
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This is a link to a pet ezine that has a success story of someone who used an herbal is the excerpt:

Feline Leukemia

Jeanne Burgess has been working with pets using herbal remedies since the 70's. Her successful program for Feline Leukemia is this:

THIM-J (2 capsules twice a day) - An herbal immune formula
BP-X (2 capsules twice a day) - An herbal blood purifying formula
LIV-J (1 capsule a day) - An herbal liver formula
and here is another ezine excerpt:



"We used PAU D'ARCO, BP-X, and DEFENSE MAINTENANCE along with pure water and a natural cat food, adding raw grated foods such as sprouts and carrots. He showed improvement quickly and when retested he showed no trace of leukemia." The Adair's -Robin S.

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FIP (Feline Infectious Peritonitis) is a terrible disease. I lost my precious kitten, Amelia, to FIP exactly 4 months after she was diagnosed. It is such a difficult disease to treat, even with our very best efforts. One thing that helped Amelia for awhile was prednisone, a steroid that reduces some of the inflamation and can give her some quality of life for awhile. My vet also had me give her antibiotics daily because Amelia kept getting fevers. I wish I had taken her to a holistic vet sooner, though I'm not sure it would've made a difference. The holistic vet gave me a litany of immune support type meds, which of course meant more unpleasant medicine to give Amelia (and more frequently). Frankly, she died a week after I took her to that vet and I sort of regret having put her through all those meds in her last week of life. My heart goes out to you and your friend and, of course, to that precious kitten. I think the best thing to realize is that the kitten will most likely wane and knowing that the time may (will) come to put the kitten to sleep. I didn't put Amelia to sleep, but maybe I should have. I had such a hard time letting go and every time she purred or ate, I thought, she still has time. Then overnight she took a sudden turn for the worse. The next morning, when I found her (she had started hiding, which is what sick cats do), her eyes were dilated and she was very weak and very scared. She died in my arms, while I (foolishly) was giving her more medicine. I wish I had just held and comforted her and told her to let go. Instead I kept trying to save her, which was futile. Death is never pretty, of course, and it still haunts me greatly. I loved that kitten. People tell me that I gave her a great little life while I could, but I still have a hard time getting over the fact that Amelia really never did have a good life. Instead it was filled with fevers, discomfort and missing out on all the wonders of kittenhood. I wish you the very best and hope that your outcome is different. But I fear not. Please take care of yourself and know that there's only so much you can do. Loving a sick kitten is such a gift and you are giving him/her that. -Penny
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Cat - Feline Infectious Peritonitis, etc.
I find it easier to get a severely ill animal well using a drip enema that trying to get supplements down them orally. In this case, you may want to alternate a cleansing enema with a retention enema. You must get the toxins from the infection out of the body. . . then you might want to use Garlic Oil, and something like Vitamin C Absorbate (like Marilyn suggested), Golden Seal/ Echinacea or something else for infection in the retention enema. Just drip it slowly and continually into her. There is a child's Fleet enema. You can use the bottle for a small animal.

I was suggesting that you empty the child's fleet enema and use the bottle for small animals, not use the fleet enema contents on the animals. It's a good size to use for a small animal you then put your warm "pure" water in it along with the particular herbal products you wish to use. Garlic oil and Chlorophyll are favorites of mine.

This is a testimonial I received in a pet newsletter - (F.I.P.) E.C. breeds and shows cats. Three of her cats came down with a virus called F.I.P. This is a fatal virus, comparable to AIDS in cats. The vet told her the cats would be dead in three days. She called me and asked if I had anything she could give the cats. I gave her the VS-C Formula and suggested she give the kittens one capsule a day and the cat two capsules a day. The cats are still alive and it has been almost two months since she gave the cats the formula. The vet is absolutely astounded. She just can't believe what has happened. The vet says there is no cure for F.I.P., but can't explain what the herbs did. -Georgiana Duncan
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Feline Infectious Peritonitis
Hi everyone, I need help. My cat scamper, twelve human years, appears to be Feline Infectious Peritonitis which in conventional vet medicine is fatal. There is no known cure for it. I am currently giving her Noni and Colloidal Silver along with liquid oxygen. It's hard to get stuff into her. Does anyone know of a natural help for this condition we don't want to lose her prayers are appreciated too thanks. -Nancy
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Many years ago my animal fanatic sister told me of a friend of hers who used non-acidic Vitamin C in her cat's water to cure this disease. The vet said it was impossible to cure. NSP's Vitamin C Ascorbates would be like what she described. The lady gave her kitty water with Vitamin C in it exclusively to drink. The cat survived. No, I'm sorry. I do not know how much she used but it was freshly prepared three times a day. I do not think a cat would drink it if it were too strong. twelve human years is still too soon to say good bye to a faithful cat friend. -Marilyn N
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Nancy, There is some information on help with this disease in the book Dr Pitcairn's natural health for dogs cats. Good luck. -Lindy
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Cat - Feline Leukemia
I received a message from a friend, her Kitty has almost died in the past week and she just found out this is what the problem is. -Ella
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I had a vet years ago that used our Pau D Arco Extract for Kitties with Feline Leukemia. . . . I know how cats are (trying to get things down or up them . . . ) Another idea is to make strong Pau D Arco Tea (simmering 20 - 30 minutes and steeping 8 hours) and when tepid, (using an empty child's fleet enema bottle) - drip it into kitty as an enema. Depends on which end is easiest to get it in.

Another idea is essential oils. Only I am not sure which would be the BEST to use in this case. I would be tempted to say Oregano Oil in the massage oil, massaged on kitty. She would undoubtedly lick it off . . . . How about an oil to diffuse also? Put the kitty in her own room (to prevent other family cats from being exposed). It would also help the cat in question and "disinfect" the room while it was at it . . . but I don't know which oil to diffuse.

NSP used to have a VERY, VERY, strong Garlic Oil in a 2 oz bottle. I have never found anything to match it. They said they had to quit selling it because they couldn't find anyone to make it. (It's really strong). . . . You can make your own. Fill a pint bottle with freshly peeled garlic cloves, cover with olive oil then stick a sharp knife in the bottle and chop the cloves (under oil). let it stand a couple weeks! Wonderful animal remedy. I've used it with hamsters, cats, dogs, goats, horses. My daughter makes it with the prepeeled garlic from Cosco or Sam's Club and uses it to cook with. -Georgiana Duncan
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A customer of mine has used the following to help her cat with the AIDS cat virus: Powdered Vitamin C, Garlic, Parsley, Bonemeal, VS-C, Acidophilus and our Cat Formula. In the past few months, he has gained 3 lbs and has a lot more energy ... This may work for Leukemia too, certainly worth trying. Can you muscle test? -Susan Agee
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If it were my cat, I would massage the paws of the cat. Cats are attracted to the essential oils they need. Because their nervous system is different from a dog, horse or goat. They seem to be more selective with what EO's they like. Oregano is excellent for parasites, candida albicans, E. coli and other bacterias. I just attended the Scientific congress in Grasse, France on Aromatherapy and Oregano was one of the most powerful Essential oils that kills all of these things in aromatograms. However, we have to be very careful using this essential oil because it contains carvacol a chemical constituent, which makes it very hot. It should be applied with a 3% (23 drops of Oregano to 1 ounce of NSP Massage Oil. The gel capsule of NSP's Garlic is very potent and can mixed with the Oregano in the massage oil. Just poke the capsule with a pin. Let the cat smell the preparation. If the cat licks the Oregano diluted in the massage oil. The cat should be ok. Because the carrier oil will protect the mucous membranes from being damaged by the oregano oil. Do not use oregano on a pregnant animal or human. Only use it for 10 days. The other essential oil I would use for my cat would be Lemon. Lemon helps the immune system. Oregano is not an essential oil that I personally would not diffuse by its self. I would use Lemon, Guardian and Oregano.

Diffusion Recipe:
10 Drops of Guardian, 12 of Lemon, 3 of Oregano. Diffuse twice daily holding the cat in front of diffuser for 5 minutes on lap about 6 feet away from diffuser. If the cat becomes too hot using the Oregano, put Massage Oil on the paws with Guardian Blend . 23 drops to 1 ounce of Carrier Oil.
Ascorbate C in liquid form can be given by eye dropper 3 times daily. COQ-10, 1 capsule mixed with Liver Cleanse Formula capsule in 1 t. water and eye drop twice daily unless in an acute condition. Keep administering every 20 minutes until animal is starting to recover. Also Distress Remedy can be applied to the paws. Compresses with herbs, EO's and distress remedy can be mixed and applied the paws. Remember Leukemia is where the body is throwing off toxins faster than the body can process them. La Dean Griffith wrote a fantastic book called Health In The Space Age and I think it gave a good description of this condition. Also think about this. Has this cat had all of its shots? Veterinarians are finding that shots given to dogs and cats are causing their bodies to deteriorate much faster than normal. Sincerely, Lorrie Hargis Author of Common Scents "Practical guide to Aromatherapy."
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A comment about the Vaccine Detox for cats. We just had two cats vaccinated, one in March, the other in May. The May cat is a 10 year old Siamese who thinks she is only two. She has always taken a couple of days "off" to rest after her vaccinations. We gave her the Vaccination Detox Formula three times in all twice the day of the shots and once the day after. She acted like she had never had any shots at all, was bouncy, good natured and sassy like always. She did not miss even one of her Siamese Exercise Moments of tearing around the house and bouncing off the furniture. This really works! -Marilyn N
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