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Body Type - Adrenal

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PostPosted: Dec Sat 16, 2006 8:32 pm    Post subject: Body Type - Adrenal Reply with quote

Body Type - Adrenal

This is an adrenal dominancy. The fat is stored in the beer belly region.

The adrenals are two small glands, one on top of each kidney, which weight about one-third of an ounce combined. Each has a medulla which is related to our sympathetic nervous system. The medulla secretes our adrenaline. The adrenals can speed up metabolism, increase BP, dilate blood vessels, increase blood glucose levels, dilate pupils, increase muscle strength and mental activity, decrease kidneys, dilate bronchioles, and break down glucose in muscles. This is all done through hormones, and the adrenals are said to be responsible for over 500. Adrenals can be responsible for a sodium/potassium imbalance, which is vital to the life of every living cell. They are also involved in keeping the body PH in balance. The adrenal glands are known as the "fight or flight" glands and are the second most important when it comes to stress. There are responsible for adaptation.

He will likely find the following causes of weakness: chronic, prolonged stress; excesses of any kind, especially refined sweets; sudden or prolonged exposure to heat or cold; not enough sleep; cortisone injections; foods he is allergic to, and a B-5 deficiency. These can all weaken this adrenal body type.

Special indications of weakness he may experience are: allergies (especially food); tired feet with weak ankles and aching calves; eye sensitivity to light(especially at night), extreme nervousness; crave foods high in potassium; muscle spasms, possible convulsions; development of breasts in males; easily addicted, especially to caffeine (major coffee lovers!); dizzy if he stands too fast; erratic behavior; appears to be in a daze; tendency toward inflammatory diseases; prone to ligaments sprains; carpal tunnel; tend to have weak livers; weak or sore gracilis, tibialis posterior, and sartorius muscles.

Suggestions to strengthen the adrenals:
Manage stress in a positive way (if you cannot, you may need more B Vitamins, perhaps Stress-J, Chinese Stress Relief, or many others, muscle test for the best one).

Low if any sugar intake, eat raw fruits, vegetables and grains, I know this will be hard for him. Perhaps some Chromium GTF or L-Glutamine to help with the cravings or AS.

Stress that he gets enough sleep. If this is a problem, perhaps: Melatonin, Kava Kava, Valerian, etc.
Don't fast.
No medications with cortisone or epinephrine.
Get plenty of sunshine and fresh air.
Check thyroid and pituitary.
Pantothenic Acid (B-5) is one of the best supplements for adrenals, but it should never be taken without a B-Complex to aid it in assimilation and proper usage.
Licorice Root herb is very good.
Strengthen kidneys, drink more water.
Learn to express feelings a little deeper.
Become more involved in more mental activities. Push your mental abilities.
Eat more fruits and vegetables.
Eat less fried foods.

Physical features of this body type tend to lean toward: square or round head, men are large and deep-chested, solid muscular build with short thick neck, big boned with thick trunk and course features, somewhat thick legs (especially in women), women are large-busted, back of the hands face forward instead of thumb, as it should be when walking toward you - and swollen where the cheeks connect with the nose, about half-way down the nose.

His personality tendencies would be: hard worker, steady, stable, practical, amiable, sociable, friendly, oriented toward physical activities, find it hard to sit at a desk, fairly slow to anger but once angry, could become violent, not easy to push around.

Food cravings tend toward: meat and potatoes and salty foods over sweets generally.

Common health problems for this body type stem from, cast iron stomachs, weight problems, sweat easily, lower backache and seldom catches a cold to "tough guy syndrome", high BP, thyroid and pineal weakness, and high pain tolerance yet small things like needles may scare them.
-Lisa Canon
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