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Blood Type Eating

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PostPosted: Dec Sat 16, 2006 8:36 pm    Post subject: Blood Type Eating Reply with quote

Blood Type Eating

I have a client that says she just started eating by her blood type (A) For the last 2 weeks she has experienced severe abdominal cramping. She did the CleanStart first, takes Food Enzymes, and watches her fiber intake daily(~20gm), drinks lots of water, etc. Why would she be having so much pain. She is still having 2-3 BM's daily. She increased her soy intake. Could that do it? Thanks in advance. -Dori
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Dori, I also switched to the blood type diet about a year ago. I'm an "A" as well. I think depending on what she used to eat before and the amount of toxins left in her system. She just needs to adjust to the new diet. I had irritable bowl syndrome from it for a couple months then it corrected itself. I used fiber herbs and probiotics and that seemed to help. It sounds like she's having gas pains from the amount of vegetables she's eating. Tell her to slowly introduce her system to this new diet, more beans and legumes and whole grains and less salads at first then she can gradually increase veggie intake. PLUS Anti-Gas will help A LOT. That's an herb I keep stocked in my fridge. It also helps with menstrual cramps caused by gas. But again make sure she's taking probiotics to help with the transition. Test her on which one would help the most. But Anti-Gas is a life saver for "A" diets. Have a great day. -Jessica
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Soy could definitely cause more gas. There is also lots of controversy over soy. What form is she eating? Is it fermented? Is it cooked? Edamame? Whole bean isolated protein, milk? All of these things could be a factor. -Margaret Jeffers
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Could be anything, parasite leaving her body, mucoid plaque pulling off her colon, moving out another organism - I would have her take either some Magnesium, Cramp Relief, Red Raspberry - to help with the cramp/pains, Or some Slippery Elm, Intestinal Soothe & Build to act as a "herbal pepto" to calm things down. -Kasara D'Elene
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URL for the site that lists the foods for each type and also lists them for combinations of types?
Also, here is a review (negative) about the whole Eat Right/Live Right philosophy.
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Soya Beans and all hard beans do not suit ANYONE who is Hyperglycemic [ a P 14 ,Pro Pancreas person ] Has Hi blood sugar, But are really great for the HYPOGLYCEMICS [someone who has LOW Blood Sugar and tests for HYA ] -Valerie
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You'll have to forgive me I not well versed on the blood type eating, but am starting to learn it. However from what I do know of soy digestion, yes fermented types are best. These are Tempeh & miso. The only different info I have is that soy and most other legumes shouldn't raise the blood sugar levels quickly and have a low glycemic index level. This is due to the balance of protein to carb ratio of the bean itself. When eating the whole bean this also adds fiber which also helps to resist insulin spikes. One reliable source explained to some one with the same issues that it may be the ph in the digestive system causing this. Once their system does adjust the gas and digestion issues should go away. The recommendations were papaya and pineapple enzymes, Keep in mind that this was directed to that person and may not be the case here and offered
as general information. -hoteptoday
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Something interesting to note here is that if your basal body temperature is low then you aren't utilizing the enzymes like you should so that is why some people require more and why the WBC's aren't manufacturing as they should. -Kimberly Balas
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You have to make sure it is fermented soy or you will get the gas pains from not being able to digest it correctly. -Kimberly Balas
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I give one away to each client and sell them any extras they want. This is an excellent tool. Even if you don't fully believe or use the blood type diet, these charts give you information on the glycemic index and pH balance so you can still use them. -Chottsie
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I prefer the Blood Type Poster Cards from TOL they have the herbs in the NSP product line and give each blood type a list that works best for them, and they are updated. All this information was collected by Kim Balas as she studied this system intensively, through developing these tools through experience with her clients.

These are what you want if you are a consultant and sell NSP products, as I assume you do. They will be of great benefit i.e. they come in a laminated form so if you spill anything on them it wipes off easy, they will not crack or turn color as old paper does, each blood type is on a separate poster like size card. Also, Kim has some videos you can buy to help you understand more about NSP products in r/t the Blood Type Diet. -Darcy
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They also have the same poster, not laminated in pads that you can tear off and give to or sell to your clients. I give away one with every initial consultation. -Leslie Lechner
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