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Blood Pressure

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PostPosted: Dec Sat 16, 2006 9:08 pm    Post subject: Blood Pressure Reply with quote

Blood Pressure

This person is on three blood pressure meds. Lotrel 10/20 mg.. Toprolxl 300 Mg., Drovan 320 mg., her doctor cannot figure it out, he said he never had a patient who he couldn't bring down the blood pressure. So perhaps if I can help her we will win over another one to Natural methods. This person is under extreme pressure and takes Anatex if needed, is also on Vitorin, also does not want anyone to know about his, my daughter knows this person and is trying to help, so even that must bring on more stress. My daughter wanted to know if our Blood PressureX could possibly help, and asked me to post this, also we will need to get something for the stress load, and I know we have excellent products for anxiety and stress, but am not sure if any will interfere with the meds. I don't know much else, but will try to find out, If anyone can give me something to help the person, I'd really appreciate it. Thank You! -Jeannette Romanofsky
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In this case, the BloodPressureX is just going to work on symptoms much like the meds that aren't getting results. I would look at it that way here. Go to the root cause of why the BP is being triggered. My first place to start would be the kidney. I would look at BUN, Creatinine levels to see how it is being impacted and then go to looking at Na, K, Cl and Alk Phos. These will tell you how energy is being conducted and if there is stagnation driving up BP. I would use l-arginine here in 3 gram doses along with KB-C. Check for an underlying chronic infection in the heart too. You can look at some markers here in the CBC for infection or you can test for it with MT. This is usually a big one of why BP goes high. -Kimberly Balas
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Jeannette, I would recommend draining the lymph - I took a Homeopathy class in January from CNHP, and the instructor (who was fabulous) talked about how important it is to drain the lymphatic system with any continual physical issues that won't resolve. She said it's like you have to retrain the cells to exchange waste products for nutrients, because the immune system gets confused over time, due to all the weird stuff it has to deal with all the time, even causing autoimmune conditions to occur.

I have been dealing with heavy metal removal for MONTHS, and when I started clearing out the lymph I could feel a huge difference, especially in my energy level. The difference in my live and dried blood samples were incredible.

My husband has slightly elevated blood pressure, which his father, when he was alive, took medication for, and both his brothers have high blood pressure which they take medication for. We have worked a number of different avenues to take care of it and couldn't get it to budge.

When he started draining the lymph, his blood pressure came down immediately. He still can't believe it, and it's like the first thing he does in the morning is takes his blood pressure, and it's still down. He has a little further for it to come down to be in the proper guidelines, but he's really excited about it.

NSP has Lymphatic Drainage, but we needed something stronger. I was taking that along with the way with the metal removal.

NSP's Inflammation homeopathic + Lymphostim homeopathic are a pretty good combination.

However, we both needed something stronger for our issues, just like some people need to get a stronger thyroid remedy than NSP offers, which has been discussed on this forum. Please e-mail me privately if you want to know about the stronger lymphatic drainage homeopathic. -Carol Matz
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Hi You may suggest to her to have the SIZE of the blood pressure cuff checked.

I was in an accident and at the scene my bp was 140/70. In the emergency room they put a machine that automatically takes you blood pressure, now it had only been about 15 or 20 min. later.

The reading blew me away it was 190/170 and it really hurt my are. I told her that has to be wrong, the nurse chucked it up to being in pain which I was, but that still did not explain the numbers to me.

This went on until the head nurse came in to see why my bp was so high, she went to take my bp and picked up the cuff and said "have they been using this cuff to take you blood pressure". I of course said yes, she said well that explains it, they were using the WRONG size cuff for your arm.

She said let's check it out, she put on a adult large and took my bp and it was 114/50. She said that's better, she also told me to make sure that when ever I had my bp checked that they use the right size cuff. Hope this is of some help -Dianne
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I don't have access to any of the tests, do you think I should just suggest the program you mentioned, plus something for chronic infection? My daughter mentioned to the person to call you, but do not know how that went yet. -Jeannette Romanofsky
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I had problems with extreme high blood pressure. The doctors could not figure out why or what to do. My upline muscle tested me ... and it turned out to be a digestive problem. When that was corrected, the blood pressure corrected itself. I would try Food Enzymes to start with along with IN-X and Probiotic 11. Hope this helps. -Robin
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