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Baby - Sleep

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PostPosted: Dec Sat 16, 2006 10:01 pm    Post subject: Baby - Sleep Reply with quote

Baby - Sleep

He wakes up every one to two hours every night and only will quiet down if nursed. We have tried different herbs and oils to help him but he won't sleep and he is 5 months old. Any information would be helpful. -Shirley
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My son is 3 months old and he sleeps 8 hours straight at night only because I take Magnesium 4 times a day and drink chamomile tea for dinner. I read Super Immunity for Kids when I had my second child and learned with now our third on how to relax and establish that routine with our new baby and what supplements to take. Of course all babies are different, that's the way the Lord made them, so just a few things to keep in mind that I tried ...Also if he is desiring closeness to you Mom why not give it to him. He is only little once, I know Doctors say not to let them sleep while nursing but it worked for us at first while establishing a routine. It helped our little guy to feel secure... Try and error that's parenting...Good Luck -Susan P
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Has he learned HOW to go to sleep? Going to sleep is a taught procedure and infants all have to learn it. Every hour is way too often, sounds like he does not know how to go to sleep. Also need to make sure he is not constipated and is not lacking in hydration. Even breast fed babies can need water. Our son had a need to be bundled up! He would get anxious instead of relax to go to sleep, so we bundled him up in a receiving blanket like they do newborns at a hospital. Tightly bundled, rocked for a little while he would go to sleep, and sleep for longer and longer periods of time. If he wiggled loose he woke up, but we never fastened the blanket with a pin or anything like that, just tucked it firmly around him and he learned to go to sleep. My husband is Bolivian, and when he would not go to sleep for me, my husband would bundle him up, put him diagonally on a blanket and back pack him a few rounds in the house. When he was asleep he would put him down gently in his bed, blanket and all. Our daughter was different. She had a need to suck, far beyond the sucking that went with nursing. Once we got her a NUK pacifier she was in seventh heaven and slept well. Each child is different, and yours is trying to tell you something and for some reason or another you have not learned to interpret and are asking for help! Good. Wherever you live, if you are in the USA there is a LaLeche League near you--give them a call, they listen well and have lots and lots of experience with nursing babies. -Marilyn Navarro
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Some babies need to nurse that often. My second grandchild was like that. He would work up to sleeping for 4 hours straight and then go back to every 2 hours. My poor daughter was soooo tired. I think he was 8 months old or more before he would eat solid food. (She makes her own baby food) She could not get him to eat, but he wanted to nurse every couple hours.

When he finally started to like food, he didn't want to nurse at all anymore. He actually lost weight his first month on food. Don't let her get discouraged . . . all babies are different. This too will pass. . . . . -Georgiana
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My suggestion is to get the video tape, "The Happiest Baby on the Block" by Harvey Karp, M.D. I saw him on Dr. Phil and this video is amazing. My girlfriend used this and it works. Dr. Karp shows it working time-after-time on the tape, as he takes crying babies from their mothers and calms them immediately. It talks of the 5 S's, and how they are the "off-switch" for your baby's crying. He's taught this remarkable calming technique to thousands of parents from working moms to superstars like Madonna. I'm sure if your baby can be calm, sleep will come. -Annie
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